Good Mineraft Servers

Good Minecraft Servers

Good Minecraft Servers start with pigs.


Good Minecraft Servers are important.

When looking for a good Minecraft server to join there are my factors to consider. What kind of player are you? Older players generally want to play with older players. Some players will want a server with dozens of players online at all times. These types of worlds can seem chaotic to others. Perhaps you want a small group of players online that you can get to know and create a very good Minecraft server experience together. Whether it is Survival, Creative, PVP or maybe you just like mini-games there are good minecraft servers for you.


Check out Minecrave probably the best PVP Minecraft Server at their IP: PVP.MINECRAVE.COM

My personal favorite server is called “The Schnave” it can be found at IP: Their website is They are a small community of players in a nicely developed world. This a survival server with mini-games such as arena PVP, skyblock, and Hunger Games arenas. The admin are friendly.

You can find more information about minecraft servers here There you can download software so that you can host your own server. If you want to host your own server on your personal PC then you will need to learn a few things and have a decent computer that happens to be running the server software each time you want to play. There are so many open to the public servers out there that you probably don’t even need to do that. Although, if you host your own server, you have complete control over that world. Joining someone else’s server means that they can erase the entire minecraft server at their own whim. Awesome minecraft servers run on quality equipment too.

Oh yeah, I know some Excellent Minecraft Servers

Well, you are probably reading this page because you are looking for more good minecraft servers. It just takes time, try out a few more minecraft servers even after you find a good few good servers. Those last few searches may just find you exactly what you are looking for. Don’t settle. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your new world. Quality minecraft servers can be found through many different sources.

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    Hey just thought that I would wish you all good luck. Good Minecraft Servers are hard to find.

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